6 min Break Down of Crow Pose with Mandy Roberts

6 min Break Down of Crow Pose

with Mandy Roberts

Crow or Bakasana is a challenging and fun little pose. In this short and sweet video Mandy breaks down the basic fundamentals of learning how to fly on your mat. Many times in class we don’t have the time or personal guidance to learn how to get into some of these more challenging postures, so why not try it from the comfort of your own home? Get ready to fly the nest y’all!

Benefits of this video:

  • A step by step introduction to learning the alignment principles of the pose
  • Work towards the foundations of all arm balances by building strength
  • Break down the fear of arm balancing by using props and working at your pace

Crow is one of the foundational arm balances of yoga. Once you learn these basic steps you can safely and effectively practice crow at home, within a class environment or as a cool party trick. 

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