An Introduction to Meditation with Rebecca Gonzalez

Beginner Yoga and Meditation with Rebecca Gonzalez

An Introduction to Meditation

in the Tropics with Rebecca Gonzalez

Rebecca has crafted this short introduction to meditation for those who have had problems finding a seat, or are fearful to begin. Learn how to find a comfortable meditation posture for Rebecca’s Rainforest meditations, or for any meditation practice.

Perhaps you haven’t found the correct posture for your unique anatomy and, in this video, learn various options to begin your meditation with more ease, comfort, and peace. In this 2 minute video you will learn tips how to set up the most supportive posture for meditation. Remember, you are more likely to adopt a regular meditation practice if you discover a comfortable seat. You can even sit in a chair!

Shot on location at Yemaya Retreat Center, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.