Awaken the Body with Lauren Lee

Awaken the body with Lauren Lee

Awaken the Body

Awaken your body and mind in a 20 min flow with Lauren Lee

This short fluid practice will Awaken the body and mind through dynamic movement, balancing pranayama and grounding meditation. Lauren guides you through a complete practice in less than 20 min!  Perfect for those who want to step onto the mat and into a flow, but have limited time.


About the Teacher

Lauren Lee is a dedicated student on the path of yoga with a fierce desire to share the teachings as a gateway to awaken consciousness to support the collective awakening. She has been teaching for a decade and continues to courageously carve her own path; studying and sharing ways of living through practices rooted in ancient wisdom that bring greater stability and freedom for all.

Lauren is a certified E-RYT 500 and Continued Education Provider with Yoga Alliance. She is an Anusara Inspired teacher with thousands of hours of diverse teaching experience and close mentorship with her two dearest teachers; Rose Baudin and Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori. ‍‍‍Lauren leads international workshops, retreats, teacher trainings and personalised mentorship studies globally.

Lauren creates sacred opportunities for students to explore and connect to their heart through the practices and philosophies of yoga, and effortlessly guides practitioners through intelligently sequenced classes, layered with themes that explore the full spectrum of life, further attuning, awakening and alchemizing the physical and subtle bodies.

Lauren highlights the teachings of Tantra within her methodologies, drawing students into a deeper awareness of how their yoga practice (on the mat) connects to their daily lives (roles and responsibilities) and the intrinsic connection to all of humanity. She empowers students to rise into their highest and live in alignment to their individual hearts. Her aim is  to transform and heal the collective.