Beat the Traveling Woes with Chelsea Nielsen

This video bundle is for those who are very familiar with the commuting or traveling woes.  Do you have tight shoulders and a sore back from carrying a large bag or backpack? Do you get anxiety when sitting in traffic or having to catch a train? Are your feet swollen from sitting too long or walking too far? Do language barriers or communication breakdowns stress you out? Do you have very limited space, time or even no yoga mat to practice? This yoga package is for you.  These practices will include a user friendly and “do-anywhere” meditation including pranayama and mantra, a 30 minute core strengthening, hip, shoulder and heart opening asana class that can be done in tight spaces, and a 45 minute class outside to root into the Earth and to break any boundaries that you may have created for yourself.  This bundle can be taken consecutively or individually in order to keep your physical body strong and receptive to the many challenging and amazing experiences that traveling provides.

This video collection will help create strength and openness in the physical body as well as the mental body and will provide tools that can be used mostly anywhere in order to calm the mind.  These practices will help you get strong and stay focused on the mat, in order to help you get calm and stay focused off the mat.

In this collection you will find:

1. Breath is always available to you. Anywhere, everywhere and all the time. It is your greatest ally and tool. Use it!

2. Small routines make a huge difference. Start everyday with hot water and end everyday with feet elevated.

3. A nourished mind and nourished body are essential to health and happiness. Be sure to seek balance in both mind and body.

4. Self-care doesn’t take time or space, it creates both. Don’t beat yourself up and use any space possible.

5. A yoga mat is a luxury, not a necessity! Break down those walls of needing a yoga mat and feel free to practice anywhere anytime!


Calm the Mind Anywhere, Anytime

7 min 44 sec

Learn some quick and easy tools to use to calm the mind anywhere, anytime. Practice this guided mediation with Chelsea and take the tools with you off the mat.

Small Space Asana

31 min 47 sec

Travel often and only have limited space? No problem. Practice this core strengthening and hip opening class, then use accessible props to help wind down and release tension to ease the effects of travel.

No Mat? No Problem!

41 min 16 sec

Don't let lack of a mat stop you from practicing! Join Chelsea on mother nature's mat for a practice that will reenergize you and ground you bringing you back to your core.