How to grow beyond fear in times of uncertainty with Sabrina

How to grow beyond fear in times of uncertainty

with Sabrina Rahtgens

Sabrina guides us to move beyond fear and into the realms of deeper connection with our self, and our purpose. We are undergoing a collective transformation. The “Old World” isn´t working anymore and the “New World” is about to come into existence. To find direction, individually and as a collective, we need to go inside, dig deep and bring up the essence that creates the new platform of humanity. However, during this process, we often meet a very powerful emotion: anxiety.

While fear can be a lifesaver, serving us to reach our goals, anxiety never is.

This workshop will help you:

  • understand and feel the difference between anxiety and fear in your everyday life
  • face anxiety and disarm it on a regular, daily basis and transform negative thoughts into nourishing positive thoughts.
  • create an inner compass based on personal values so you can find your “way back home” (back to center) whenever you feel lost during the day, week, month, or…life.

In this workshop, you will experience the mind-body connection and learn a technique to uncover negative beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs. You will uncover your values and give them permission to guide you towards (and on) your life-path.

Your personal anxiety is the enemy of your personal growth towards a better version of yourself. Anxiety is working against you. It´s your job to face it, disarm it, and use your skills and talents to create a platform where you can do your work (for your purpose and happiness’ sake). You are here for a reason and once you step onto your path you will get everything that you need to succeed.


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Sabrina Rahtgens Transformation GatheringBorn in 1980 into a working-class family with Czech roots, Sabrina grew up in South Germany. Studying Social Psychology, Sociology, Business, and Law, she received her degree in 2007. Working and traveling her way through Australia until 2008, she made her way back to Germany and began working as a freelance life coach with a focus on dog owners and horse lovers. Since 2016, Sabrina is part of select teams that develop organizations, companies, and projects dedicated to the wholehearted service to any kind of living creature. She lives in Spain since 2019 together with her husband and their wise old lady dog. She is still doing the magic to help people thrive and rise beyond their own self-made limitations so they can hopefully find and live their purpose in life.