Deep and Complete with Julie Dohrman

Deep and Complete

with Julie Dohrman

Deep and Complete is a Full Spectrum Yoga Practice crafted by Julie Dohrman. Expect n intermediate level fluid practice. This 30 min practice includes poses that open and strengthen hips, shoulders and core. Practice repetition of actions within varied asanas. Resulting in an efficiency of practice to achieve strong results in a short amount of time.

Practice with Julie to see it is possible to have a deep practice in a short amount of time! Deep and Complete means covering all bases necessary to accomplish something. Nothing is present that isn’t useful, and nothing is missing.

In this practice you will:

  • Breathe steady, deep and full
  • Engage your feet to activate the legs in a uniform way
  • Keep sit bones back, and lower belly toned

Practice in person with Julie in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY or on her events and retreats.