Hamstrings & Hip Flexor Series with Anton Mackey

Hamstrings & Hip Flexors: a yoga video collection for Everyone!

This is a collection of yoga videos for EVERYONE! Seriously, all of us can use a little (extra) work on these areas- why? Because Hamstrings and Hip Flexors (or Psoas) can be the tightest muscles in the body.

This collection includes two short practices: Hamstring Flow and Hip Flexor Release

The goal of these practices is to release tension and stress in both the hamstrings and psoas. In turn this will release tension in the lower back, enable more range of movement and even prevent injury.

Both of these areas can also be emotional dumping grounds in the body, energetically storing negative emotions. Releasing tension can free up blocks which will create release both physically, and emotionally. Anton recommends using these practices every other day for a full month for noticeable results.

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Shot on location at Lapis and Lavender, Scottsdale, Arizona


Hamstring Flow

Hamstring Flow

29 min

This practice is all about releasing tension in our Hamstrings. The Hamstrings can energetically store negative emotions like fear, frustration, irritation and impatience. The goal of this practice is to release any tension and stress in this area of the body.

Hip Flexor Release (Psoas)

Hip Flexor Release (Psoas)

22 min

The Psoas is one of the most important muscles in your body to keep supple to prevent injury. It is also the most overworked due to our daily lives requiring it to be in a state of flection- it's used in every activity of our... [ Read More ]