The Blissfulness of the Inner-Body

The Blissfulness of the Inner-Body, a Meditation with Andrea Boni

Andrea Boni for GatherYogaIn this workshop, you will uncover the blissfulness of your inner-body.

In these troubled times when the circumstances of our lives have been shifted upside down, we may find it challenging to stay committed to our meditation practice.

When we sit for meditation, we are often faced with two main issues: the body and the mind. These are very much related to one another and both are filled with an incredible amount of bliss.

Not the kind of bliss we’re so used to in our daily living. It’s a quality of bliss that has no object, no goal, and emerges as a spontaneous wellspring, from the very depth of our being.

The more our mind learns to extract the bliss from every portion of the body, from toe to head, the more our body is ready to soften into the mind and release its juice.

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This 90-minute meditation workshop aims to exercise a new relationship with our body/mind. Andrea taches us two important tools; pratishthā, steadiness of the eyes, and samatā evenness of the mind.

Meditation teaches us to capture these brief moments of communion and expand them. It offers us support in these increasingly difficult periods of uncertainty in our lives.

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Andrea Boni on GatherYoga

Andrea is a dedicated meditation practitioner of over forty years and a meditation teacher for over twenty. Through Teacher Trainings, yoga Immersions, and workshops, he teaches globally to students of all levels. Through his intimate contact with the internal realm, he engages with his students and the world powerfully, effectively, and with great love. Since 2010 Andrea is an Anusara®Yoga Certified Teacher. He is currently a member of Yoga Alliance and Yani, Yoga Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti.