Integrative Practices to Invigorate with Caryn Antos O’Hara

Join Caryn in an Integrative Practice to Invigorate the body & mind!  The best way to get results that leave you calm and focused, yet energized is to go at it using a combination of methods. This collection provides guided breathing, meditation, and yoga that will connect you to yourself and the beauty of cultivating awareness.

In this collection, you will combine breath, meditation & flow for an integrated approach; get intimate with what you’re mirroring in your life; get clear with your short and long term intentions; get spacious, grounded and unbound to old patterns in your mind and body.


Breath to Invigorate your day

7 min 42 sec

Use kapalabhati pranayama by focusing on exhales to enliven and warm.

Balancing Flow

58 min 1 sec

Practice with this when you need a combination of grounding, heat building and finding the lightness within.

Simple Awareness Meditation

15 min 9 sec

Notice your stress melt away when you bring your thoughts to the stability of your body.