Introduction to Bowspring with Laura Jarrait

Join Laura Jarrait in a collection of 3 videos meant to introduce you to the Bowspring alignment and practice. The practices progressively break down the alignment necessary to do the Bowspring and then puts it all together in a beginning level dynamic practice. The philosophical theme is being willing to be a beginner, and focusing on persistence and compassion in the process of learning new things.
Laura recommends practicing through this series each week for 3 – 4 weeks to optimize the potential of the practices.  By practicing with this collection you will:
  • Understand the changing paradigm of alignment;
  • Develop an awareness and feeling of your connective tissue;
  • Develop an understanding of Bowspring alignment;
  • Build internal heat and dynamic power,
  • Work toward freedom from chronic pain.
This practice represents a paradigm shift in movement that is aligned with our latest evolving understanding of how the body actually works as a tensile structure. It will facilitate balanced energy, empowerment, and freedom in the body which will translate directly into life. The alignment tips can be easily translated to everyday activities. It will be challenging for the most advanced practitioner yet accessible to everyone.


Elementals of Bowspring, 1

33 min 15 sec

In this video which focuses on "beginner's mind", you will learn the fundamental parts of the Bowspring alignment using small and repetitive actions that will build to a few full poses towards the end.

Elementals of Bowspring, 2

31 min 4 sec

In this video, you will learn about the process of re-patterning old ways of being, and troubleshoot the Bowspring alignment. This video highlights common old patterns and how the new alignment shifts them.

Elementals of Bowspring, 3

34 min 43 sec

In this video, you will review the pieces of the Bowspring alignment and put it all together in a more continuous, dynamic practice.