The Mandala Yoga Collection with Julie Dohrman

Mandala Yoga Collection

Join Julie Dohrman in her Mandala Yoga Collection. A series of three complete yoga practices to cultivate your home practice with purpose.

When you practice, do you stick with the same poses? How frequently do you try poses that are hard for you?

In this series, students experience varied yet focused practices. Enjoy comprehensive benefits as a result of practicing different forms of asana in three complete practices:

  • Full Spectrum: an intermediate level fluid practice. Includes poses that open and strengthen hips, shoulders and core. Practice repetition of actions within varied asanas. Resulting in an efficiency of practice to achieve strong results in a short amount of time.
  • Hanumanasana (the splits): a practice designed to open your hamstrings. Julie gently leads you into a practice to prepare for hanumanasana in a fun and safe way.
  • Headstand: with or without the wall to experience inversions. An Intermediate or Advanced Beginner sequence warms you up and prepares you to stay in headstand. Julie guides you into the asanas focused on opening, engaging and integrating shoulders, legs, and core. All resulting in a sustained practice of Sirsasana.

Vary it up! Work on things you don’t normally get to for added strength and insight.

Practice with this collection on the weekly. Ideally keep up this weekly practice for a full month. Most of all, you will build a solid foundation for your home yoga practice.


This collection was shot at Bend and Bloom Yoga, Brooklyn and Yogaworks Soho, New York, New York where you can practice with Julie in ongoing weekly classes.


Full Spectrum Practice

Full Spectrum Practice

29 min 54 sec

This is a 30 minute yoga full- spectrum yoga practice where you will see it is possible to have a deep practice in a short amount of time! Full-spectrum means covering all bases necessary to accomplish something. Nothing is present that isn’t useful, and nothing... [ Read More ]



46 min 18 sec

Hanumanasana is an ancient story of the leap of faith of the human/monkey god, who doesn't remember his full capacity of strength and ability. We recognize ourselves in this story as we reveal our own gifts in this practice. You may need the support of... [ Read More ]



38 min 17 sec

Often known as the “king of poses”, Sirsasana is a heating, invigorating, and demanding pose that represents strength, commitment and focus. It requires the practitioner to be supremely aware of their habits and weaknesses and shift them in order to be sovereign to the self.... [ Read More ]