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Often known as the “king of poses”, Sirsasana is a heating, invigorating, and demanding pose that represents strength, commitment and focus. It requires the practitioner to be supremely aware of their habits and weaknesses and shift them in order to be sovereign to the self. To Julie, Sirsasana is not a beginner’s pose due to the need of a great amount of awareness, physical dexterity, and understanding in how to weight bear on the head and forearms.

Prepare using all the parts you’ll need for a stable and fortifying experience of practicing Sirsasana, which begins with breathing more fully through the torso, especially through the side body. After breath is adequate, actions to focus on include keeping the shoulder blades flat on the back of the rib cage, and toning the legs evenly to engage the core / center of the body. Headstand can be a pose that you can sustain for a period of time when built well on the way in.

Even just a 1-3 minute practice of Sirsasana reveals its benefits.

For more detailed instruction on how to get into Headstand using the wall as both teaching tool and support check out Julie's FREE Headstand Tutorial.

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