Pigeon Series with Karin Carlson

Pigeon Series

Discovering Hip Stability with Karin Carlson

Uncover Hip Stability in the Piegon Series with Karin Carlson.

“Flexibility” and “Hip Openers” are some of the most popular forms of asana practice, a goal onto themselves. But we need more than flexibility. Flexibility should have a purpose that makes sense, is within a context, and not simply for the sake of flexibility. This set of sequences will teach you about hip stability and hip strength. These are the qualities really needed for longevity of practice, an injury and pain free practice. This are the mechanics of a long term practice, a pain free back, and relief from SI and sacrum pain.

Yogis often tear hamstrings or groin, end up with SI or sciatic issues, or suddenly suffer low back pain. This comes from an imbalanced practice and a focus on hip opening. Learn to balance your practice. Release is actually a result of strength. Protect your joints and connective tissue, feel your bones, and find your muscles.

In this yoga video collection, Karin guides you through a tutorial and three therapeutic yoga practices to discover the bio-mechanics of a safe and effective yoga practice. Dive deeper into your personal home practice. This collection is also an excellent resource for yoga teachers.

Meet your Guide

Meet your Yoga Guide, Karin Carlson:

Yoga with Karin Carlson spans the gap between traditional insight and modern day lives. Karin cuts through yoga hype and dives into personal change. Yoga with Karin Carlson is a path of heart, a path of embodiment, and a path of depth. Karin’s passion is taking students into a deeper expression of yoga, both in drop in classes and intensive learning platforms. The stuff you don’t get in class. The stuff you don’t get in training. The questions you want to ask and the experience you need to find. A little bit punk rock, a little bit crooked saint, a lot of passion and real.




6 min 18 sec

Feel a set of different motions in the hip stabilising muscles. Learn to 'open your hips' and do asana from a place of stability, rather than vulnerability.

Grounding: therapeutics

Grounding: therapeutics

27 min 59 sec

Therapeutics: a number of practices to develop stability and awareness around the hip socket and sacrum, idea for those who are hyperflexible and those who tend to low back pain.

Hip strength

Hip strength

36 min 55 sec

Take the theory of hip stability into a whole new experience of asana.

Reformed pigeon

Reformed pigeon

44 min 21 sec

One of the most popular postures, and one of the most coveted yogic abilities is 'hip opening'. Bring some greater awareness and competency to that idea, reforming your practice in pigeon pose and beyond.