Slow down, create space & peace awaits with Amir Jaan

Slow Down, Create Space & Peace Awaits

with Amir Jaan

Amir Jaan for Gather YogaSlow down to find presence and peace in this 2-hour workshop with Amir Jaan. This session represents the Basic Equation in the Transformational process; leading us Back home into our Rightful & Sovereign Seat of Self Awareness in the quiet & peaceful garden of the heart ♥️ and Away from a wide variety of difficult emotions that are being mainly generated by Unclear Perceptions & the stressful nature of modern-day life.

These increasingly strange & uncertain times are giving rise to unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress around work, money, family, health & personal relationships. The subsequent explosion in both physical & mental health issues in our families, communities & societies amplifies our need to reflect on our personal transformation.

In this workshop; We will experiment with practices that mindfully cultivate, open up & hold a state known as “Deep Field Awareness” ~ The aim of this practice is to learn or come to understand, overstand, and innerstand, that we can consciously re-establish a lasting & meaningful connection with our Soul Self or Central Self or Primary Essence Self • The part of us that silently watches, free of fear… the conscious ocean of Stillness that Underlies Our Existence. Watching this while we simultaneously attended to our daily routines & responsibilities. Watching consciously, from that quiet place, just an atom beyond the sphere of thinking • A place that forever patiently awaits our attention • ☸️

The main medicine in this experimental experiential offering will be an invitation to slow down and enjoy the rhythm of long slow deep breathing. Take a little break from your routines, relationships & responsibilities. Allow yourself the moments to reflect, to remember, to review, and perhaps to readdress a few important issues – like one’s own fundamental beliefs & perceptions about the nature of reality.

Amir guides you to explore, learn, and gather from a variety of effective methods to polish the lens of perception. Assist the process of clarifying the mind, while simultaneously strengthening & softening the physical body. Uncover a deep relaxation and rest at ease in the present moment 🙏🏽✨

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Join Amir in this 2 hour session to dive into practices that take you to a deeper level of attunment.

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Amir Jaan Yoga

Amir teaches technics taken from the ancient monastic tradition of yoga, blended & combined with the latest scientific understanding of psychology, physiology, and anatomy. After many years of studying, exploring, experimenting & practicing with various classical forms of yoga and meditation,  Amir has formulated a contemporary fusion of all those tried and tested technics into his own unique method. Amir has become a teacher of teachers as a senior mentor at one of the world’s most esteemed yoga schools for 12 years. He now uses yoga therapy as the main therapeutic approach in his private health consultancy in Switzerland.