Tantric Hatha Yoga as a portal to remember your living light with Mary Bruce

Tantric Hatha Yoga Collection

A portal to remembering your living light, with Mary Bruce

Mary expertly guides you to a place of remembering your best self through her Tantric Hatha Yoga video collection. Consisting of 3 practices; two asana practices and one guided meditation.

Mary guides you through an alignment based asana practice in a safe and accessible way. Open your heart through the wisdom of backbends and connect to your deepest truth through this tantric hatha yoga collection.

Discover spaciousness in your body to reveal a calm, tranquil mind. Linking to the mantra ham-sa to remember your living light and connect to the wisdom of your heart.

Cultivate a Tantric Hatha Yoga home practice with Mary. You can use the asana practices as a stand alone yoga practice, and follow each with the guided meditation on the daily or weekly. Or, combine the all three into a longer, more complete home practice.

Each of us has an innate knowing that is inherent within you, through these practices, Mary guides you to this space. Connect to your inner wisdom and truth.

Meet your Guide

Meet your Yoga Guide, Mary Bruce: Mary’s teaching style integrates all energies so students can truly intersect light and shadow, the god and goddess. Her gentle and calming attention help her students find comfort in the moments of discomfort and to build confidence while challenging the edges of their self limitations. ​ Mary teaches all levels with an emphasis on the philosophical teachings of yoga. Ayurveda, visualization, meditation, mantra and more to each and every one of her classes. Her wish for each student is that they practice expressing who they truly are. To radically embody that truth. And that their truth bring greater peace, to themselves, to this world.

The practices were filmed on Lac Leman, Geneva at Bains de Paquis, Yoga Lives in Zurich Switzerland, and Fit Republic, in Scottsdale Arizona


8 minutes to Bliss Meditation

8 min

Mary Bruce for a Mantra Meditation on Ham-Sa to unfold wisdom in the heart- 8 minutes to remember you are Living Light. This mediation can be used on it's own, or immediately following the other two asana practices. Filmed on Lac Leman, Geneva at Bains... [ Read More ]

Tantric Hatha Yoga

Tantric Hatha Yoga

25 min

Mary Bruce sweetly guides you through a gentle and well-balanced flow. Tantric Hatha Vinyasa aims to merge the material and the spiritual in a practical way to integrate into your daily life. A 25 minute practice suitable for all levels that will leave you with... [ Read More ]

All Levels Backbending

All Levels Backbending

30 min

Mary guides you in this 30 minute backbend practice suitable for all levels. Attention to alignment and wise sequencing prepares the body to open up into Urdhva Dhanurasana ~ Full Wheel. Conscious counterposing and deep rest will nourish the mind and soul. This practice was... [ Read More ]