Transformation through mantra and movement

Transformation through Mantra, Meditation & Movement- 30 day access

with Lisa Jan Cohen

The Path you are on is the Path to Enlightenment.

Lisa Cohen guides you in a practice of Transformation through mantra and movement. Together, let us explore the power of the breath, intention, sound, movement, and touch to access a deeper vitality, connection, and peace. Lisa’s passion, presence, and positivity weave together a multi-sensory experience. Pain that is not transformed is transmitted. With great love and devastating loss, Lisa continues her journey of transformation. If you are not changing you are dying. Lisa trusts this yogic path. She trusts her community, family, friendships, teachers, and her heart. She can teach this to you; through dedicated practice of breath, song, intention, and movement. Create freedom so that we might expose and express ourselves as to what is possible and what it means for us to be alive.

Two years ago, Lisa lost her precious 21-year-old daughter to fatal anaphylaxis in her arms. She is the Founder of The Kyah Rayne Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing food allergy awareness, education, and epinephrine availability.

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Join Lisa in this 90 min dynamic practice including movement, meditation, and mantra.

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Lisa Cohen TransformatioN Gathering

Lisa’s professional dance career and international travels led her to become a student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and a devoted Ashtangi. With thirty years on the mat, she weaves together an eclectic mix of many yoga styles and continues to practice and study with masters all over the world.  She incorporates yoga philosophy, postures, and passion to each class to inspire and encourage her students to find joy, gratitude, and freedom through the discipline of yoga. Lisa’s credentials include International Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship programs. Classes are inclusive to all levels of students and teachers.