Upper Body Bliss with Mandy Roberts

This Collection focuses on strengthening, stretching and mobility of the arms and shoulders as well as a healthy dose of twisting along with a module of intermediate or level 2 postures that benefit with the openness we create in this practice.

Mandy loves to create great playlists to add a touch of artful play with her teaching- head over to her Upper Body Bliss playlist on Spotify to enhance your practice experience.

These modules provide the following benefits:

  • Grants freedom in neck/shoulders
  • Releases tension headaches by stretching arms, neck shoulders
  • Creates greater range of motion
  • Create full mobility in upper  body
  • Stress release

Tightness and tension in the upper body is alleviated by exploring these sequences to gain full mobility and range of motion. The twists in the collection grant further freedom in the spine and ribcage to allow for a deeper opening and expansion of breath. Utilizing these modules on a weekly basis will allow the body access to more freedom and alleviate stress headaches, tension in the upper back, neck jaw, and shoulders.

This collection is great for anyone looking to increase strength/mobility but particularly for athletes, moms (carrying babies is tough on the neck/shoulders), those that work at a desk or in front of a computer, or for those seeking stress release.

This collection was filmed at FORM {yoga} Atlanta, Ga 



12 min 19 sec

This module will work to effectively strengthen, stabilize and tone the entire upper body while working with proper alignment and engagement through the hands and shoulder girdle. With modifications for beginners this short module may be practiced everyday or twice in a row to quickly... [ Read More ]


19 min 50 sec

Why carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when you have this module? We go through full range of motion through the shoulder girdle to effectively open the entire upper body area including the arms, chest, shoulders, neck and upper back. This module... [ Read More ]


19 min 58 sec

It may not be the new year but this all levels energetic module will wring out the old and bring in the new. Through proper alignment and detailed instruction you will explore more liberation in these twists. With a healthy dose of leg and hip... [ Read More ]


17 min 54 sec

After completing all the modules you are perfectly primed to explore new territory! In this bonus intermediate/advanced module we will playfully explore a few deeper postures that require strength, stability and full liberation though our upper body. Through step by step instruction and in the... [ Read More ]