Yoga for Seniors with limited mobility with Lisa Cohen

Yoga for Seniors with limited mobility

with Lisa Cohen

Lisa is passionate about teaching Yoga for Seniors. She sees the immediate benefit the yoga practice gives to the ageing population. She has been working with private clients on a spectrum of special needs, from limited mobility to chronic pain or debilitating illness. Lisa brings with her teachings a warm heart and a spark of humor to lighten the mood and uplift your soul.

About this Yoga Practice for Seniors

In this 16 min practice, Lisa guides two seniors with limited mobility; Lee has had several cervical surgeries and is living with chronic pain, while Alan has a serious rotator cuff injury and very limited range of motion. Lisa gives them a basic, accessible, yet potent series of postures while seated on the chair. This sequence will help to increase strength, range of motion all while helping calm the mind. This practice is suitable for anyone looking for a calming practice that you can do any time of day, but ideally, first thing in the morning to get things moving! As Lisa says, the only people this practice is not suitable for are the lazy. It’s for anyone and everyone with the will to get up and go!

More about your teacher, Lisa Cohen

Yoga came into my life when my father and sister took me to their Ashtanga yoga teacher, Anthony “Prem” Carlisi, in 1998. in my first class, I did Primary series- all of the Primary series. I couldn’t move after class or the week after- I was humbled. I knew that I would practice yoga for the rest of my life, but didn’t know that I would teach. Prem passed the torch to me when he moved away. After so many years on the mat, I am still a lifelong student, still humbled, and still in-love with the Practice. Yoga opened me up to many ways of seeing and learning, communicating and growing. Finding yoga has helped me practice gratitude every day in every way. My class is appropriate for all students willing to try something new and step out of what they might think is possible, ordinary or routine. With guidance and love, I try to challenge each student while nourishing the body with breath and awareness and clarity of alignment.


Get up and Go Chair Yoga for Seniors with limited mobility

Get up and Go Chair Yoga for Seniors with limited mobility

16 min

A 16min seated practice on the chair, to increase strength, range of motion and calm the mind.