Yoga for Golf Lovers with Elli Richter

This 5 part Training Program with Elli Richter is ideal for the passionate Golfer with no Yoga experience.

Enhance your mental game through practicing laser sharp focus on your biomechanics and the present moment.

Golf is 99% mental, and the rest is…mental. The practice of Yoga is about practicing being fully present, and enhances our ability to focus, to recover from a bad swing, and to overall enjoy the greatest game we know. It increases body awareness and helps us to improve our swing by making powerful adjustments.

Practice with this Training Program to prevent and rehabilitate golf related injuries.

Benefits include: increased body awareness, increased focus, increased joy, better mental game & better swing.

Videos are broken down in upper body, lower body, core, and total body.

This collection was filmed at Mission Yoga, Charleston, SC, USA


Yoga for Golf Lovers- Lower Body

12 min 43 sec

Get up to par-it's all in the hips.

Yoga for Golf Lovers- Upper Body

11 min 41 sec

yard increaser!

Yoga for Golf Lovers- Core

14 min 6 sec

be a machine on the green!

Yoga for Golf Lovers- Breathing

6 min 6 sec

the #1 success principle

Yoga for Golf Lovers- Full Body

35 min 25 sec

(w)hole body in one

Yoga for Golf Lovers- BONUS

1 hr 2 min 11 sec

Little birdie