Yoga Nidra with Mary Bruce

Join Mary Bruce in a Yoga Nidra Practice to remember your light.

Yoga Nidra is known as “yogic sleep” or “enlightened sleep.” That’s right, as you lie down and get comfortable , Mary will guide you through a series of visualizations into a dreamlike state.  It is here your subconscious and conscious mind connect, bridging a gap between the two realms of the mind.

In this space of the mind, we plant a seed of intention. As a result, if this seed if cultivated, it will manifest into your reality. This is literally the stuff from which our dreams become real.

This practice is equivalant to around 3-4 hours of deep sleep. The body drops into the parasympathetic nervous system to allow a deep renewal. Lay down, and surrender to the sultry sound of Mary’s voice in her You Light Up The World Yoga Nidra.

If you are keen to craft a Sankulpa for yourself, further details are found in The 4 Desires, by Rod Stryker.



You Light Up The World Yoga Nidra with Mary Bruce

You Light Up The World Yoga Nidra with Mary Bruce

35 min

Mary guides you through a 35 min Yoga Nidra to Light up the World