Full Body Reset Series with Mary Bruce

Full Body Reset

with Mary Bruch

Relieve tension & prevent and alleviate Sciatic pain with this sweet collection of practices from Mary Bruce

Two words: BACK PAIN. The most common reason people visit their doctor. You can prevent, and relieve back pain with yoga, and Mary Bruce is here to help as your guide. Practicing with Mary’s Yoga Tune Up, you can proactively help yourself in the comfort of your home. Three short practices you can use on the daily to release tension and build strength to help facilitate a healthy body:

  • Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders- use this for tension relief!
  • Lower Back Care- cultivate core strength and space in your lower back
  • Sciatica & Psoas- alleviate, or prevent pain and release tension

What is Sciatica?

When the sciatic nerve (the large nerve that runs from your lower back down to your toes!) below the performs gets caught or pinched. Yoga can help to help prevent and/or alleviate the pain of sciatica.

Each of these practices can be a stand alone micro yoga practice. Or, you can use all three in a row when you have the luxury of more time.

How to practice with this collection

Mary recommends practicing with one of these videos every day or every other day for 40 days. This will help to reset habitual patterns and ease any tension and pain you may be experiencing.

This collection is excellent for anyone suffering from sciatica, experiencing back pain, or stress related tension.

This in no way is a substitute from medical examination or advice and we recommend seeking medical care if your pain does not improve with these practices.

Practice with Mary Bruce in person when you are in the Phoenix area, or find her in her travels and events. For her schedule check out her website.


Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

18 min

Create lubrication around the shoulder joints, decrease density and tension between the shoulder blades and the sides of the neck.

Lower Back Care

Lower Back Care

17 min

Build core strength and stability around the sacrum & sacroiliac and create spaciousness around your lumbar spine

Yoga for Sciatica and Psoas Relief

Yoga for Sciatica and Psoas Relief

17 min

Alleviate pain and release tension in the posas, increase the flow of energy along the lower back