Prithvi: Grounding into Earth

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This is the first video from the "Pancha Maha Bhutas: Five Great Elements" collection.
Earth is the most “gross” of the five elements. It is the one we are the most familiar with, as it is present in everything that takes form in the material world. In this practice there is a focus on the exhale as a grounding, gravitational breath, and the use of slow, steady base poses to establish a solid foundation for all other element practices.

Earth in balance:
grounded, rooted, stable, steady, nourished, connected, steadfast, patient, calm, gravitational, downward

- Slow down, steady yourself and bring you attention to what “matters” [matter is form is earth]
- Connects you to the exhale and stimulates the “rest and recover” side of the brain
- Reconnects you to your “foundation” so you can enter into all you do with ease, patience, and a steadfast mind and body.

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