Jala: Flowing as Water

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This is the second video from the "Pancha Maha Bhutas: Five Great Elements" collection.
Water is the element of relationship and bonding. Water is an excellent lubricant, solvent, and conductor of electricity. It governs everything that is moist, juicy, flowing and nourishing, and like a river, runs toward something bigger than itself. This practice offers a fluid practice between how we generally move on the mat and what is possible. One of my favorites, as it is a reminder that everything is affected by and affecting everything.

Water in balance:
fluid, juicy, nourishing, creamy, magnetic, relational, conducive, shape-shifting

- Soften your edges, relax rigidity and one way of thinking or practicing and nourish yourself from the inside out
- Feeling stuck in your practice? find the flow and increase fluidity between grace and strength, power and peace with this water-focused practice
- Connect to the relationship between the inhale and exhale as a river, a relationship, an intimate connection between what goes on within you and without you

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