Agni: Kindling the Fire

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This is the third video from the "Pancha Maha Bhutas: Five Great Elements" collection.
Fire is the element of transformation, at its highest expression. Integral to all success in life, it provides a way for us to move through challenges, rise high, and to effortlessly burn through what no longer serves us. This practice provides an opportunity to turn up the temperature and add a little spark to your asana, while staying grounded and fluid to reap the best from the brilliance of this element.

Fire in balance:
warm, brilliant, attractive, clear, radiant, upward rising, funny, sharp (but not too sharp), focused

- Transform your body, mind, and mood as you move intentionally through a warming intentional practice
- Fuel your fire and spark your interest in life through this upward rising, focused practice
- Kindle your fire and burn up what no longer serves you — no drama — no struggle — just light, brilliance, and an ascending light: YOU

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