Vayu: Inspiring through Air

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This is the fourth video from the "Pancha Maha Bhutas: Five Great Elements" collection.
Air governs everything that moves. Unique to the other elements, air is not visible, but what is visible is its impact on that which it moves: the trees, our bodies, and everything else in the material world. In this practice there is a great deal of attention on the breath, acknowledging how important the breath is to lay a grounded (earth), fluid (water) foundation for a whole practice.

Air in balance:
light, open, spacious, diffusive, distributive, uplifting, inspiring, energizing, tapping us into the “truths” that cannot be seen nor proven

- Learn the power of the three part yogic breath [maha pranayamah]
- Integrate the breath into all aspects of your practice, leaving you feeling inspired, energized and light
- Experience in your body and in your practice — the power of the five vayus (airs) of life.

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