Akasha: The Space to Be Free

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This is the fifth video from the "Pancha Maha Bhutas: Five Great Elements" collection.
Ether, or sometimes called, space. Ether is the most subtle of the five elements. It is the element all other elements come from, and to which all elements return. In this way, space is always present and part of every practice. This means we are able to access the innate quality of space, which is freedom, any time and any place.

Ether in balance:
Herein lies the magic: Ether is ALWAYS in balance. It is the freedom which exists in and through all things and is available to us, even when we feel stuck, overwhelmed, burned out or exhausted (note: stuck is earth out of balance, overwhelmed is water out of balance, burned out is fire out of balance, and exhausted is air out of balance)

- Find freedom in the most unusual places
- Learn how to sense the innate fullness and wholeness into your entire practice even when you are tired or injured or even unwell
- Experience all of the elements in this culmination of a practice.

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