The Speed of Trust Yoga with Karin Carlson

The speed of trust

yoga with Karin Carlson

A collection of yoga practices to slow things down, deepening your awareness and intention of focus.

Yoga with Karin Carlson will slow attention way down to the rate of breathing. Karin guides you to explore asana as a relationship of integrity between heart and hips. Slowing down keeps awareness present and trustworthy, so we don’t get overextended, over drawn, or lost. Perfect for spring breakthrough, these videos focus on softening the bodily tissues to release deep toxicity and holding, developing focus and linking the nervous system to the state of ‘let go’, and resting the body to allow for deep rejuvenation and renewal. All this comes together in the ‘heat’ sequence. 

Explore the relationship between the heart and the hips; develop interiority and sensitivity to deepen your practice; move past the superficial layers for deep detoxification and renewal. Learn actions of the feet and legs that access the pelvic floor; keep the heart open while going deep into postures; healthy movement is a little bit of movement in a lot of places, instead of a lot of movement in one place – integrate the whole for a deep overhaul. 


Meet your Guide

Meet your Yoga Guide, Karin:

Yoga with Karin Burke spans the gap between traditional insight and modern day lives. Karin cuts through yoga hype and dives into personal change. Yoga with Karin Carlson is a path of heart, a path of embodiment, and a path of depth. Karin’s passion is taking students into a deeper expression of yoga, both in drop in classes and intensive learning platforms. The stuff you don’t get in class. The stuff you don’t get in training. The questions you want to ask and the experience you need to find. A little bit punk rock, a little bit crooked saint, a lot of passion and real.


Extended introduction

1 min 27 sec

We are going to work on your hips, we are going to work on your heart.... Learn more about this collection benefits from Karin Burke.


20 min 25 sec

Work with myofasical lines and the organization of the body's structures. Gentle, rocking, release techniques lead to deep relaxation.


21 min 37 sec

Asana practice is a meditation on the breath within the body. We tend to get caught up in performance, speed, and our head. This practice radically slows things down. Focus on breathing and moving in co-ordination. Develop the skill of working with mind in body.... [ Read More ]


1 hr 2 min 55 sec

Take the practices of focus, breath, body structure relationship into a very strong sequence that includes eka pada koundinyasana.


18 min 21 sec

This practice is straight up restorative.