Hip abduction and adduction: strengthening your outer hips and inner thighs with Melissa Hickok

This yoga collection targets the frontal plane of movement in the hips responsible for abduction and adduction. The group of hip flexor muscles will be demystified as we take a look at what muscles actually move the leg away from and in toward the body. *Hint: they are actually part of larger muscle groups! Strengthening and stretching these muscles will help with commonly occurring outer hip pain, and safer and greater mobility in the largest joint of your body.

You will learn how to strengthen hips to prevent injury, how to increase mobility in hips, and how to lengthen and stretch muscles around the hips.

You will feel empowered with safer and stronger mobility when utilizing correct muscle groups. The practice will also work on stability and balance, engaging core, gluteal and ham-string muscles. Strengthening and learning to fire up these muscles will offer protection of the labrum in the hip joint, and more ease on the overtaxed psoas.


Intro to Hip movement in the frontal plane

16 min 17 sec

Locate and turn on muscle groups in the glutes and inner thighs to control side to side hip movement safely and effectively. Small movements will awaken into a short standing sequence featuring larger range of hip motion.

Hip strengthening in the frontal plane

9 min 47 sec

Stability, control and coordination are the focus of this video. You will strengthen TFL and adductors with your own resistance and use of resistance bands.

Floor stretches for Hips featuring psoas relief

12 min 24 sec

This floor segment will stretch previously worked muscle groups in the outer hips, glutes and inner things as well as hamstrings and quadriceps. You will have an introduction to tension relief in the psoas as well.