Yoga for Women: Healthy Rhythms with Susan Fauman

Join Susan Fauman in a collection of 4 yoga practices especially for women, focusing on yoga for reproductive health.

Full, deep breathing awakens sensation. Allow the breath to be your guide—if you find yourself struggling to breathe, back off of the effort. Check in with your sensations to find a sense of inner direction in your practice.

Practically speaking, it will help women to regularize their menstrual cycle to heal painful periods or PMS and menstrual symptoms. It will also help to circulate the energy of the pelvis (creativity) throughout the whole body, allowing our body and creativity to help make our choices (rather than just the mind).
Susan recommends using these practices weekly for a full month to receive the full benefits of the practice.
For optimal benefits, practice the moon salutations daily and each of the others once/week to feel a difference in your cycle within one month. You can also use each as a remedy in specific situations, based on their descriptions. (i.e.: if they have periods with low back pain, doing the hips/pelvis sequence, if they have very irregular cycles, or are trying to get pregnant, doing the moon salutes and balancing heaven and earth…)
Specific Benefits: These sequences will help ease pre-menstrual, menstrual and menopausal symptoms like cramping, irritability, constipation, hot flashes, depression, delayed menstruation, anxiety and insomnia.
This collection was filmed in Susan’s home in Red Hook, NY, USA


Freeing the Hips and Pelvis

Freeing the Hips and Pelvis

50 min

So many of us hold fear and emotional wounds in our hips and pelvis. This can lead to irregular or painful periods with low back, hip and thigh pain (among other things). In this practice you’ll gently open the hips deeply, releasing physical and emotional... [ Read More ]

Balancing Earth and Heaven

46 min 26 sec

As humans we are said to exist in a delicate balance between “heaven and earth”. In this practice you’ll root deeply to grow tall, increasing your sense of stability and creativity and an ability to hold space for yourself in your life.

Clearing Stagnation, Depression and Frustration

25 min 31 sec

In Ayurveda, issues with painful or irregular menstruation and difficult emotions are connected with heat and/or stagnation in your liver. In this practice, learn how to open up the energy of the liver and digestive system to release heat and obstructions and open your heart.

Honoring the Moon

14 min 26 sec

Though it’s similar in structure to sun salutations, the practice of chandra namaskar (or moon salutations) has a completely different energetic effect in the body. It inspires growth, calmness, fluidity and alignment with the cyclic rhythms of nature. In this short video, learn the practice... [ Read More ]