Your Golden Shadow with Suzanne Faith

Your Golden Shadow

with Suzanne Faith

Suzanne Faith Transformation Gathering

Your Golden Shadow is a 90 min workshop and serves as an invitation to reveal the treasures that lie in the darkest part of our psyche.

Currently, it seems that the planet is naturally cleansing itself from the inside. There are many collective and personal shadows rising to the surface, including anger, violence, hatred, addictions, and various mental and emotional stressors. As a human race, we don’t necessarily evolve until we can learn more about our shadow sides and connect all of our missing pieces.

A shadow is a part of ourselves that is hidden, disowned, ignored, and often deeply uncomfortable. Cultural and social constructs become imprinted upon our unconscious. This begins to shape our lens of perception and governs our behavior and emotions. It takes a great deal of compassion, acceptance, steadfastness, and radical honesty to explore our own negative tendencies.

To truly work with our dark sides, it is critical that we stand in the light of our awareness and practice self-inquiry and discernment. As a result, we can cultivate life-changing shifts. There are several powerful methods used to do this work, including purification practices and the transformational presence of Maha Shakti.

More on this practice to reveal your Golden Shadow

Join Suzanne in this 90 min session. She teaches us all about finding the treasures in the depth of our being, our golden shadow.  Suzanne invites us to befriend our shadows. The more you work with the shadow, the more insight you gain to transform it into gold.

This session focuses on subtly-body practices to shed new light upon ourselves. It includes grounding into the body with a few asanas. It mostly is a dive into Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama, and Self-Reflective practices.

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Suzanne Fatih Your Golden ShadowSuzanne is an Advanced Certified Anusara Instructor and Meditation Teacher, and holds a doctorate in Counselling Psychology, and is the Founder of Bindu Institute Yoga School. Suzanne’s teachings weave together to attune to our modern lives and include resources anchored in ancient teachings. She invites students to cultivate and express their strengths. Suzanne’s offerings focus on skill development and the exploration of the heart.

Suzanne has worked therapeutically in conventional medical systems, integrative clinics, and privately with various populations, including for addictions, cancer, and professional athletes. She utilizes an integration of western and eastern approaches and is deeply passionate about exploring our internal capacities to heal and grow.