a prayer for my sisters by Bryonie Wise

Bryonie's poem

This is a prayer for my sisters … because something is happening right now & I don’t know what it is or how to name it other than to say:

This is for my sisters;
for the ones
whose bodies have been ravaged by
an invisible enemy
& further brutalized
by a potent remedy
that will save them
in the end

For the ones
or, for the ones
who have hit bottom
& are pausing in the darkness
to find breath
before they consider
rising again

This is for my sisters—
for the mamas & daughters
in mourning,
who have recently
lost the first home
they will ever know
or who are preparing
to travel as far as
the ends of the earth
to step into a bloody battle
with the papas
who need them the most

This is for my sisters,
the ones I carry,
their hearts inside my own, bumping & thumping
every step of the way;
believing that there
is another way …

And, for the ones
I’ve never met (yet)
who transmit
a form of love
that is untouchable
through dimensions

This is for my sisters;
the ones I know are there
in the quiet expanse
of the universe,
making their wild way,
wizardy in hand,
who carry my heart
in their own heart, too

This is for my sister,
the youngest one,
the sweetest twinkle
who will soon land on earth, before I know it …

This is for the ones
who are not my blood
but my soul …
for the lovers,
for the ones
who continue to unravel poetry that is embedded in their
hearts & bones;
& for the ones who allow vulnerability
to co-exist
as an essential part
of their existence

This for my sisters;
for every woman
I have compared myself too,
held in my heart with envy
or judged, silently,
while trying to find my way
back to the place
we all come from …

For the ones
who have come before
& who will follow,
long after I am stardust
in the sky

This is for you, woman.

Bryonie WiseBryonie’s life is rooted in the belief that when we come from a place of love, anything is possible. When not teaching yoga or writing her heart to the bone, she can be found frolicking in the sunshine with her camera & her dog, Winston, living her yoga. Stay in the loop of all her magical happenings, connect with her on Facebook, Instagram—& maybe even add her first book, HEART ROAR: A Book of Tiny Prayers to your collection.

Where you can find Bryonie and her magical ways with words…

Website! (brand new and gorgeous!): www.bryoniewise.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bryonie

Instagram: https://instagram.com/heart_roars/ L

Her book, Heart Roar: http://www.blurb.ca/b/6112080-heart-roar-a-book-of-tiny-prayers

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