Fall flavors — pumpkin porridge

Pumpkin Porridge

Pumpkin Porridge

Drawing on Fall Flavors to ground down and nourish

Truth be told, I used to hate all things Pumpkin. Maybe it was a growing up thing, or more possibly it was the fact that everything I had tried “pumpkin” was either a canned, processed and preserved derivative of pumpkin, or it was a chemical flavouring. My Russian husband is the complete opposite. Having grown up on Pumpkin from the garden, fresh and seasonal, he loved this nourishing, grounding, and quite versatile staple. He woke me up to the world of Pumpkin, and now I am a total convert.

Our Go To, super easy Pumpkin dish

This is a favorite recipe of ours and is one that marks the change of the season. Pumpkin porridge is an easy and nutritious dish that fills you and warms you up. Great for a cozy autumn evening, and even better as leftovers the morning or even days after. In our house we make a giant pot and then divide it up into bowls to refrigerate and reheat later in the week.

pumpkin porridge

What you need:

— 2 lbs/1kg fresh pumpkin, sliced
— 1 cup rice of choice
— 1/2 cup amaranth
— milk of choice — we used rice and almond
— salt and pepper (to taste)

How to make:

— De-seed and skin the pumpkin and chop up into medium size chunks, or grate it for a smoother texture.
— Put the pumpkin, rice, and amaranth in a large pot and pour milk in to cover.
— Add some salt and pepper, to taste.
— Bring to boil and then turn to low heat, stirring occasionally until the rice has cooked, approximately 30 minutes.

Pumpkin Porridge

How to Eat:


Use this as a morning dish, much like your traditional oat porridge. When I eat it for breakfast I warm it up, add a spoon of ghee to melt and coat, and then a sprinkle of cinnamon, seeds (chia, flax & poppy) and a drizzle of honey on top.


Use this as a salty side dish, or the base for a salad. When I eat it for lunch I again warm it up and add ghee, and then top with salt and pepper. You could also keep it cool after being refrigerated and toss with fresh greens, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, a squirt of lemon and olive oil for a fabulous salad.



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