Sacred Ground: Coming Back to Center During the Elections

Sacred Ground during the Election

Like so many that I know, the debate on Sunday night pulled me FAR off center.

From the moment it began, there was a bitterness in my throat and a knot in my gut that has stayed with me since.

As I sat this morning trying to tease my thoughts apart from the visceral experience of watching the ugliness that ensued on that stage at Washington University, I was at a loss with how to get myself back into my own flow.

But then my teacher—Britt’s—voice came into my head: “You need to bring the consciousness to the table.”

But how?

Amidst the chaos, the ugliness, the brutality, the hostility, how do I reconnect with consciousness?

While observing the commentary on social media, I’ve tried to remain a firm believer that this is not the way to convince others of what you believe. But lately, there have been posts that speak so directly to my heart and past experiences that I couldn’t not share these voices in the sea of the mess that is this political stand-off. It just felt right.

And so I shared. Not to convince others, but to empower and embolden those out there that might be on the fence and just need a little nudge.

While there was support and empowerment, I also faced disdain and backlash.  I then realized that this is NOT the solution to my question. I adore and admire the voices of people who speak their truths in this way. But if I am to be a presence of higher consciousness, this is not the way.

For me.

Did the debate trigger me? YES.

It has taken days to not feel the bile rising from my belly of disgust over some of the things that I heard and saw. To be completely honest, it is still there.

So how do I tap back into the clarity amidst the doubt?

The answer? LOVE.

Reconnecting to what is sacred for me. 

It sounds cliche, but there has to be a way to stay connected and sane amidst all of this madness.  It can be so simple. Generating that same compassion that we feel for our children, for our partners, for our friends, families—THAT is essence right there.

Which is love.

Another idea?

Turning off the noise.

Really? Did you learn anything new about either candidate in that debate? Really?

I know I didn’t.

Apart from the confirmation that it is a spectacle. A mudslinging shit-show that left me feeling deflated. How about you?

Here are some more options for coming back to center:

Light a candle. A walk. A yoga practice. Sitting. On the ground. Stillness. It is all so personal, isn’t it? What resonates. The same goes for the rhetoric of these politicians. As unbelievable and wrong the other side may seem, we have to remember how personal it is what resonates at our core. Do we agree? No. But can we be civil and respectful? At this point, we aren’t going to change anyone’s mind. There is that.

Because here is the thing: When we do whatever this sacred action may be, our thoughts can settle on our essential nature: Which is LOVE.

That light in your heart that shines even standing in front of your “enemy.”

This is how we will survive these moments.

By rising above the tide of ugliness and standing in our full power knowing that at our source—each and every one of us regardless of who we stand behind in this election—is LOVE.

And that is where we will find sacred ground.


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