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Katy Misson

Katy: the art of alignment

If you are ever in Annecy, France (one of the most beautiful, picturesque lake towns not far from the French Alps, OR our Gather headquarters in Geneva!) make sure to look up Katy (pronounced “Catty”) Misson of Satiam Yoga Academy. She is opening a long anticipated studio/academy in her hometown after many years of study abroad. An energetic firecracker of a force to be reckoned with, Katy’s presence luminates as if you are being warmed by the sun. But energy isn’t all she has to offer- Katy studied for over nine years in Vancouver under the tutelage of some of Anusara’s most respected yoga teachers. The girl has some street-cred and know-how, for sure.

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A physical therapist by trade specialized in the field of neurophysiology, Katy lives and teaches in France, but travels the world hosting retreats and workshops to share her unique offerings.

What is neuro-psysiologie?

Katy Misson This is the branch branch of physiology that studies the nervous system. Katy’s combination of the physical biomechanics with the subtle body allows for the exploration and understanding of a unique style merging innate wisdom and modern therapeutics with the the ancient teachings of yoga.

Katy’s mission is simple: To help each individual become conscious of their infinite capacity- both on the the yoga mat and beyond into daily life. Transforming this relationship of awareness within oneself can allow for transformation in relation to others in one’s life. It is this acute awareness that also allows one to come home to the essence of what we are intended to be, rather than being “outside” our bodies which, by Katy’s estimation, is misaligment with/of the truest version of Self.

Joss- the ex-pro athlete yoga guide

Josselin Bouvier is a former Alpine ski physical trainer and specialist who competed professionally in the downhill event. He is currently teaching yoga and together with Katy they share in their passion of the human body and it’s deep understanding of foundation and symbiosis. Katy and Josselin created K&J Yoga with the intent of helping people understand their true essence and how to most fully embody that nature.

Katy and Joss

K&J Yoga Events & SATIAM and YOU

Katy and Josselin teach that in order to reveal the truest essence of oneself, one must first begin with the individual Self and then find expansion and openness with that of the Other. For K&J, that means Katy Misson Joss Bouvierrespecting and honoring both energies- feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva.) Their passion for both the wisdom of the human body combined with their close proximity to its relationship with nature, sport (ski- water and snow, surf), nutrition, and synchronicity with the elements, all lead to experiences that are not only authentic, but encourage living life to it’s greatest capacity.”

“It is in finding this truth and embodying one’s truest essence that simplicity reveals itself,” says Katy.

And this is their mission. Revealing the Truth.

Katy MissonThis January, SATIAM and YOU has a home! Katy is opening her own space in Annecy which will be Anusara-influeced in style, but combined with many different offerings, including Ayurvedic Medicine, Dance Therapy, Martial Arts, Chanting and Mantra, as well as many different types of yoga appealing to people from the age of 3 to 103! With ten teachers on staff,  you are sure to find a practice that appeals to your own inner truth. Check out what is to come here!

Katy also has online videos in the works in French and English. Stay tuned via

In addition to the studio, SATIAM and YOU also has amazing retreats all over Europe. Here are a couple that you can still be a part of if you are looking for an adventure in the coming year…

MARCH 19-26, 2016

Cocoon ChaletFacing the Mont Blanc in the cozy village of Saint-Gervais, France, Katy and Joss are combining a week of snow skiing and YOGA! This retreat looks amazing, and would be the perfect winter Katy's retreat chalet cocoonexcursion for adventurous yogis looking to get to France this winter (or perhaps already there!) Not only will there be incredible yoga, but you will be coached by an ex-pro downhill skier when on the mountain. Wine, cheese, and fireside chat in a LUXURY chalet facing the most massive peak in Europe… This is going to be an epic experience. If you have ever wanted to try skiing in France but also like to maintain a steady yoga practice, THIS IS FOR YOU!





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