Are YOU a Spiritual Feminist? On Sex, God & Yoga

Spiritual Feminist

At this pivotal yet painful moment in our history, what better way to make our way through the chaos than by reconnecting to the diving within ourselves and around us?  It is very VERY easy to get caught up in the fear, the hate, the resentment, the sadness. Here is a chance starting TODAY to do something transformative for yourself.

We are.

The world needs a spiritual awakening. And the absolute fastest way there is through the work on the self. Mary Bruce is one of our Local Collective teachers with videos on GatherYoga, and if you enter her code: MARYBRUCE20, you will receive 20% off registration for this incredible event.

A little more about what is going on:

Imagine studying the deepest topics with Angela Farmer, Sally Kempton, Sianna Sherman, Uma Dinsmore Tulli, Linda Sparrow, Indu Arora, Katie Silcox and so many more in one online event you can keep forever. Swoon!

Just a few of the exciting threads this conference will address:

  • Yoga and psychology, mythology and feminism

  • Your sensuality, sexuality and self-esteem – and their role in your spiritual awakening

  • Creativity as a ritual and a portal to Divinity

  • Emotions as portals to God(dess)

  • What it means to simultaneously be a yogini and a modern woman

  • How to rise without losing your sacred ground

  • The power of women lifting up other women (and why this creates bigger abundance/manifestation)

  • Yogini and shamanism – the intersection

  • Physical and meditative techniques that build conscious sexual experiences

  • Shakti, kundalini, prana and other yogini words demystified (and remystified!)

  • Unravel the cultural lie that values women’s youth and devalues aging


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