A Shaman’s Approach to Surviving Christmas by Marc Peridis- Part 1

Surviving Christmas


Part 1 of a series of articles…

How can Christmas time become a period of deep healing, transformation, and self-actualisation?

By diving into the parts of our inner shadow which are craving resolution…

Surviving ChristmasApart from being a commercial holiday, Christmas was first and foremost a celebration of the arrival of Jesus Christ. As a link to the divine realm, I believe he was a shaman. But he was also an archetype for the highest level of consciousness achievable by mankind.

Scholars and historians, however, have challenged 25 December as Jesus’ actual birthdate, stating some details in the writings indicate he would have been born in spring. It would have instead been chosen because of its alignment with the winter solstice.

So why is the solstice important?

The solstice is the time of the year when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. It is the day of most darkness and least light after which light begins to emerge and increase again. As we recognise our innate sense of oneness with the universe, we realise that what is happening to the greater fields which surround is happening to us as well.
Surviving ChristmasThe solstice is therefore a time for us to explore our darkest hour to sit with the demons of our shadow with compassion. In doing so we release them, allowing new beginnings to unfold as the light and its wisdom emerge.

The solstice is a time of intensified energetic frequency.
As our being connects intentionally during that period, through meditation, ceremony or other processes, it is supported in accessing and awakening more energy.

Transformation is also about releasing belief patterns which no longer serve us to make way for what is waiting to be received by us.

surviving Christmas

This explains why Christmas can sometimes be difficult.
It should be a time for meditation, introspection and renewal and rebirth, but we actually end up filling it with commitments, most of which we don’t want to actually be part of.

A Shaman’s Approach to Surviving Christmas

Marc dives into this concept in his special Holiday Series Podcast, a series all around A Shaman’s Approach to Surviving Christmas, inspired by a live talk he gave at the So Ho House in Barcelona, Spain.

This series contains the 7 following episodes:
– A shaman’s approach to Christmas: A general overview (BONUS EPISODE)
Handling crowds
Handling our money and spending
– Coping with family
– + 3 weekly practice recordings

He’s releasing them on the weekly, and we have a summary of the first two episodes on our follow up post, the last one coping with family will be released on Christmas Eve.

We hope you enjoy Marc’s series as much as we are, and that you too can cultivate space for reflection and connection in your holiday season.

Marc Peridis Surviving Christmas

Marc was first initiated as a shaman whilst undertaking missions through Mongolia, Liberia, and Brazil. Joining his multi-dimensional energy practise with his knowledge of interior design, he created The Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces. It is a body of work based on temple-making knowledge from ancient civilisations.

Marc is a certified Reiki and Theta Healing practitioner. He completed the 20 levels of Kenneth Ray Stubbs Path to shamanic transformation training and all modules of Christian Kiriacou’s The House Whisperer Academy.

He has now undertaken missions, ceremonies and workshops across the world. Marc specialises in supporting clients in their explorations on the art of divine prosperity.

Follow his podcasts and discover his full offerings on his website.
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