Soup. Fall. Super easy. Delish. Sweet potatoes. Kale. Period.

Fall Soup

A S(o)uper Easy Fall Soup

This is the easiest soup you will ever make. And you won’t even need to write the recipe down, it is that easy, you will remember it. No kidding.


A great go to this Fall when you are stumped for meal options. Soups are nourishing, grounding, and affordable using seasonal veggies. Look for inspiration around you, get creative and explore! For this we keep things super simple with literally 3 main ingredients. Sweet Potatoes and Kale are the show stoppers here.




Sweet Potato

A nourishing root veggie packed with goodness: fiber, iron, calcium, selenium, plus vitamins B and C.  Gather tip: clean the sweet potato well, without peeling it, and you will benefit from the anti-oxidants in the peels!

Fall SoupIngredients

sweet potato
bouillon (stock)
extra virgin olive oil
Parmesan cheese


1. Roast chopped up sweet potato and onion (coated in something slippery, take your pick: coconut or canola oil, up to you) until onions are golden and sweet potatoes are soft enough to smoosh with a fork.

2. Pour into a large pot, cover with an inch of stock. Bouillon in a jar. This is my secret ingredient. Actually, it was Laura Wilson’s secret ingredient, but I hijacked it years ago. It is a thick paste of amazingness that will transform ALL your food. I use about a tablespoon for 2-3 quarts of soup.

3. Puree that up with a handheld immersion blender, or throw into your Vitamix, you yogi, you. Heat this until just simmering and stir in a chopped up head of kale (or as much looks appropriate to your taste for kale).

4. Heat enough that kale wilts, serve in pretty drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and fresh grated Parmesan (this is an amazing topping for just about any soup, thank you, Jamie Oliver).

Feel free to add additional toppers like Pumpkin Seeds, Cracked Pepper, or get creative with additional ingredients, or just keep it s(o)uper simple.


Photos by xavivix, used with Creative Commons license and by Cayla1 on Unsplash.

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