Be Well: A Summer Wellness Tour

Summer wellness tour with Alexina Mehta

Summer is here!

Join Dr. Alexina & Gather co-creator, Alesha in a Summer Wellness Tour

Summer is one of our favorite times of year!  It tends to be Yoga Event season, with Festivals & Events popping up all over the place. Summer is a time to enjoy the long days, get out side, in the company of friends, and hopefully great weather. But it is also a time when we can loose sight of our wellness intention, or become frustrated when it evades us…

Dr Alexina Mehta explains, “Healing is a Journey. Have you heard this statement before? When people are seeking guidance on how to “feel” better, the first thing that needs to be understood is that they are in a process and the destination changes as they change. We may think we want a certain outcome one day, but as we gain more clarity and peace within, we change and what we hope for changes.

In essence, start the healing journey with the first step…accept where you are. Second step, breathe, create space to listen and observe. Third step, continue the second step…and continue the second step. Be open to what your inner guidance is asking from you so that you may improve yourself as a person. Surround yourself with wise guidance. In my experience, when people look at their situation as opportunity for learning, so much more benefit comes from the experience then simply arriving at a destination.”

More on Alexina

Who is Dr Alexina Mehta? She has created a thriving naturopathic practice based in Vancouver, Canada with a focus on women’s health, hormone imbalances, and mind-body awareness. Her background in natural medicine, energy medicine, kinesiology, Ayurveda, pilates, transpersonal psychology, and as a yoga teacher informs her work with women through her one on one sessions, international retreats, and workshops. Alesha and Alexina have been working together to share their love of yoga and natural health & wellness. This Summer Tour is a manifestation of their work to share natural solutions and yoga.

So if you are in the Barcelona, Spain, Geneva, Switzerland, or Chamonix France areas we would be honored to meet you in person. Scroll down for more details on each of these events!

Summer Wellness Tour with Alexina Mehta


Not able to make the events on the tour?  Alexina has some quick tips to Awaken your Inner Healer…

How to Awaken Your Inner Healer

1. Take time out of daily life to connect with nature.

Take this tip seriously, because mother nature is a powerful force. Our bodies are made of the same elements as her, and when we find ourselves in nature, our nervous system has a chance to re-calibrate.

2. Learn and Grow.

Develop yourself. Study. Spend time with elders who know about things that you do not yet understand. The point of our existence is learning lessons, applying those lessons and actualizing the love and wisdom.

3. Break Your Routine

To find a new path in life, a new journey, we need to break our routines. Even simply driving a different route then your usual to work is a good step in the right direction. The nervous system develops new pathways of activity and this allows us to grow as human beings. Take up a new hobby and challenge yourself.

4. Eat simply.

With lots of activities going on, one needs to eat but just enough to live. I find most people consume far more food then necessary to be healthy. Remember to choose nutrient dense foods, and basic whole foods whenever possible. Eating a bit less then you normally eat in the summer months may felt good for your body. The key is to listen and honor your body.

5. Meditate daily.

Cannot recommend this enough. Meditating is simply observation and listening. Observation of your consciousness and listening to your inner being. Your inner being is your true self, and it is in your heart. Your love and wisdom reside there. Many people do not know where to start when they are advised to meditate. You can check out some of the free meditaiton offerings on GatherYoga.

Here is the full Line Up for the Wellness Tour!

Barcelona: June 29-July 3

Summer Wellness tour with Alexina MehtaJune 30:  Sangha Yoga Castelldefelds

A Devi Yoga Workshop: mantras, mudras, meditation, and movements (yoga and dance) for various Goddesses from around the world to form a personal practice


June 30: Vevea Yoga, Barcelona

A workshop to Awaken your Inner Healer, where you will learn:

  • Practices to Awaken Your Inner Healer: meditation, visualization, self-observation, ritual, and meditation
  • How a spiritual understanding of your health is necessary to become empowered and treat the root causes
  • Understanding the root causes of illness and what you can do about them
  • Virtue medicine: The nectar of healing
  • Honoring the divine feminine and divine masculine, mother earth, and her medicines
  • Natural medicine from around the world: A comparison of different systems and how they can help you (Ie. Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Natural Medicine, Astrology, Yoga, Breathwork and other Spiritual Perspectives on Medicine from Mystical traditions).
  • Foods, herbs and essential oils in support of the Nervous system, Lymphatic system, Hormonal system, Skeletal system, Muscle system, Skin, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Urinary system, Reproductive system
  • Detoxification practices for Optimal Health
  • Creating Your Own Self Care Practice

July 1: Yoga & Wellness Afternoon in Garraf

Summer Wellness tour with Alexina MehtaA Yoga flow to cultivate Balance with Gather Yoga co-founder Alesha, followed by a Family Health & Wellness session with Alexina.






Summer Wellness tour with Alexina Mehta

July 3: Co-CoMat Barcelona

Essential Oils 101: have you been curious to discover the power of Essential Oils, but don’t know where to start? Or deepen your knowledge while Alexina shares time tested remedies for your health & wellness needs

Geneva: July 4 & 5

Summer Wellness Tour with Alexina MehtaJuly 4: Shanti Club Geneva

Calling the Women! Take an hour out of your week and enjoy some much needed time for self-care education. Join us for a fun, informative class on essential oils for women’s health. These amazing elixirs are easy to use, effective and affordable as wellness care. An interactive talk and opportunity to ask questions on common women’s health issues.

There will also be an opportunity to some shopping and build your own essential oil collection at the end of the class.

Summer Wellness Tour with Alexina MehtaJuly 4: YogaMoves Nyon

In this special evening event, you will learn about some of the most common women’s health issues:

  • hormonal imbalances
  • stress management
  • weight management
  • thyroid and adrenal stress
  • anxiety and low mood
  • sleep

We will explore the root causes of these issues and look at solutions from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels considering these possibilities:

  • Natural medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Detoxification practices
  • Herbs, nutrition, and essential oils
  • Restorative yoga for women
  • Meditation

The practical component of the evening will include some restorative yoga for women as well as meditation practices to spark a transformation in health and wellness. Leave with greater understanding, peace, and hope about your own self-care practice.

Summer Wellness Tour with Alexina MehtaJuly 5: Centre Sante Energie, Geneve

A duo of two complementary workhops. First, for expecting mothers or yoga teachers looking to explore yoga techniques to prepare women for their birth. A workshop with Alesha Carmela, co-founder of GatherYoga and prenatal specialist for 6+years. She will explore kundalini, tantra, nidra, and visualization techniques with moms.

The second session is all about Family Health & Wellness with Dr Alexina. We will address Common Family Health Issues Naturally. Learn to support the health of your family with essential oils, and find easy ways to reduce stress in your household.

Come for both sessions and get a discounted rate!

July 5: Studio SoHam, Geneve

Alexina shares her top 10 tips for women’s wellness, drawing from various wellness systems of the world. We will explore the solutions from Ayurveda, yoga, energy work, astrology, detoxification practices, herbs, essential oils, natural wellness and nutrition.

 Chamonix July 6-9: Chamonix Yoga Festival

Chamonix Yoga FestivalThe 5th annual event takes you up to the French Alps.Both Alexina and Alesha will be teaching at the Festival, so come meet them in person!

Alesha & Natalie have been to this inspirational fest before, and we know first hand the food, the atmosphere, and the energy of this event is simply incredible.

Be well & ENJOY

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