A Shaman’s Approach to Surviving Christmas with Marc Peridis- Part 2 Coping with Crowds

Surviving Christmas Crowds

A Shaman’s Approach to Surviving Christmas

Part two in a series addresses how to cope with crowds

In our first post, we shared with you a podcast series from our friend Marc Peridis, a yogi and shaman. We saw how the christmas period can become a fertile time for introspection and self-actualisation, and healing old wounds.

Here we break down his next podcast in his series, one that affects all of us to some degree- coping with crowds.

Do you find yourself clinching your jaw, heart rate increasing and breath becoming quick and shallow when you find yourself in the inevitable crowd? Even if it’s not a noticeable constraint for you, there is a way to shift your perspective on the circumstance. Turn something suffocating into an opportunity to connect with your higher self. Part 2 in his podcast series, a Shaman’s Approach to Surviving Christmas he dives into how to deal with crowds and follows up with guided practice.  We find Marc’s approach refreshing and love that he offers accessible solutions around finding spaciousness and the power of oneness.  Read on to discover some tools that can help ease the tension from even the most care-free of us, while connecting to the oneness within everything and everyone.

Dealing with crowds can actually be the key to finding spaciousness within and oneness with everything. Say what?! Click To Tweet

Surviving Christmas Crowds


Dealing with crowds can actually be the key to finding spaciousness within and oneness with everything. Say what?!

Dealing with crowds:

It’s interesting to explore around what is at the root of our issue with crowds. In this episode, I talk about this discomfort, and the fact it is daunting for our physical system.  But then I  go further into talking about the fear of judgement and our deeper, innate discomfort with the cultural context which lies behind it.

Set up a daily practice:

Surviving Christmas CrowdsTo break free from the discomfort, I share some practical tips:

-Don’t wait to be overwhelmed before doing something about it
-Meditate at least 3-4 minutes per day, at least once per day
-Do yoga, tai-chi or another form of moving meditation, even for just 10 minutes
-Switch off your mobile as much as you can, set limits
-Cancel everything that isn’t absolutely 100% urgent, even if you enjoy it
You will get more out of spending as much time as possible on your own during this period
-Set limits of social media and other phone use
-No phone in the bedroom / bed
-No phone till you have meditated in the morning
-Sitting in the fire (I explore this concept a bit in this episode, but you can also find more in depth discussion around this in episode 7, Liar Liar Sit in the Fire)

Surviving Christmas CrowdsCultivating Spaciousness

I share some techniques to find spaciousness within the body. Spaciousness is the antidote to the overwhelm of crowdedness. It is also an energy frequency which is available to us at any time and any moment if we choose to tune in to it. I guide us to find it physically in the rib cage area, energetically in the Source point area, I then guide us into breath-work practice to awaken this frequency.


Surviving Christmas CrowdsEnergetic Merging

Lastly, we look at a technique called energetic merging. This is a concept where we intend to be one energetically with the crowd or group of people we are surrounded by as a oneness practice.


Stay tuned for the next two parts in this series, Handling our money and spending over the holiday season, and, releasing on Christmas Eve, Coping with family.

Marc Peridis Surviving Christmas

Marc was first initiated as a shaman whilst undertaking missions through Mongolia, Liberia, and Brazil. He soon began to join his multi-dimensional energy practise with his knowledge of interior design  to create The Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces, a body of work based on temple-making knowledge from ancient civilisations.

A certified Reiki and Theta Healing practitioner. he has completed the 20 levels of Kenneth Ray Stubbs Path to shamanic transformation training and all modules of Christian Kiriacou’s The House Whisperer Academy.

He has now undertaken missions, ceremonies and workshops across the world, and specialises in supporting clients in their explorations on the art of divine prosperity.

Follow his podcast Path to The Divine Self and discover his full offerings on his website.
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