The Poetry of Movement by Eleanora Zampatti

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated in you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”

Unique and healing.

Life itself is energy in motion, a journey in search of balance, a flowing experience that sometimes is interrupted, broken or even devastated by traumatic events that leave us petrified and incapable of continuing our “motion,” our walk through life.

As living human creatures, we thrive on primordial instinct to move away from pain and to transform that pain in life force. Take those cracks in our physical body and soul, and instead of calling them scars, redefine them as strong foundations. Being broken is only a part of us, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we need to have the courage to embrace all of who we are, and use that to remodel ourselves.

It is through the movement of my body that I was able to accept my past, embrace my scars and learn how to fall in love with myself. It is through that motion that finally, after many years lost in wonder, I was able to reclaim my soul. One step after the other, one breath at a time, I understood how powerful, fierce and beautiful I really am. It is through the rigorous practice of the asanas that I realized that we share so much about ourselves through our bodies.

I surrendered to discomfort in postures designed to be bliss. I felt vulnerable and open in backbends. I redirected frustration to strength and I learned to use the power of my mind as my muscles trembled. Through my body, I began to understand that duality, vulnerability and strength was integral to my identity. Through this understanding I was able to start looking at the trauma I had ignored for so long and instead of fighting the shadows of my past I started to embrace them and by doing so I started to fully live my life.

When we breathe, dance, when we lay in silence on our mat or when we travel from one pose to another during our practice, we let go of all the boundaries that our mind stored in our muscles and joints and, in the most innocent and genuine way we bare our soul to the world.

We become present without hiding anything about ourselves. We express all those feeling that normally we repress and we share our raw truth with no shame or fear. In the instants between an inhale and an exhale, we finally become who we are supposed to be: Alive and vibrant, a poetry in motion.

The highest form of living art.

In yoga, a pose is not just an act performed by the body, but it becomes instead the physical shape of our soul: an ethereal expression of the self. It is in this connection between skin, bones and Spirit, that there lies the sublime healing power of this yoga, and it is only in the eternal motion of life that we can find true stillness, realize that we are a whole with body and soul and is in that wholeness that we can find all the answers we are searching for.

Eleonora is a native of Milan Italy. She is an International body movement specialist, yoga teacher, author, fitness model and founder of the Ode to the Moon project a series of events who uses yoga, art and music to bring awareness on the topic of domestic violence and empower victims of abuses.