Udaya… BEAUTIFUL online yoga classes

Today, GatherYoga co-founder Natalie dishes on Udaya.com, the highest quality HD yoga classes available on demand or via subscription. It’s yoga anytime, anywhere.

As many of us know, Santa Monica and her surroundings are the epicenter of the yoga world. I am sure many traditionalists would beg to differ. And that’s not to say that India isn’t our “Mecca,” but when we really get down to the highest concentration of “westernized” yoga, I am almost sure that this region would win by a landslide.

Coming from this heart is a group of incredible teachers who are working together to create aesthetically amazing online yoga classes, available at your fingertips. Literally. Udaya is beauty that is usually reserved for DVD sales. The scenery, the sound, the models… Oh, my. It is glorious. And I am starting my subscription pronto.

At publication time, they have classes available for a mere $12 per month. That’s a coffee a week, people. One. Okay, maybe two, but still. And with the likes of Rudy, Travis, Vytas… The quality of (ahem) enjoyment/eye candy of these guys while they are doing the teaching makes watching all the more pleasurable.

Distraction from your practice? Perhaps. But therein lies your practice, right? Or maybe I am just speaking for myself.

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for any sentiments of objectification this article might arise in you guys. But these classes are pretty sizzling.

Check out the “About Udaya” video here.


Photo from Udaya.com.


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