V-Day: V is for VAGINA (not Valentine)

Valentine's Day is for Vagina's

V-Day. No, not Valentine. VAGINA.

Valentine’s Day is a day many associate with celebrating love. Or loving. Or being loved. Adulation. Affection. Hopefully even some saucy sexy something or other, even if it’s all by your lonesome… we are totally down with all of that, by the way.

However for us here at Gather, V-Day means something entirely different. Here’s why.

While in graduate school in Tampa studying Women’s Studies at USF, I directed and produced a performance with undergrads across the bay at Eckerd College (my alma-mater) of The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. On Valentine’s Day.

Ever since, V-Day is a day of remembrance for me. Of the sacred that is my own V. And the V’s of others. Commemorative day of the Vagina, if you will. Go on. You can say it. Repeat after me:


I do feel that in the last few years we are reclaiming all kinds of creative ways to talk about our pussies.

Cunt. Beaver. Foof. Bumbie. (Oh wait, maybe that’s just me!)

The list goes on and on (actually, I’d love to hear your favorite vaginal term of endearment!) This all makes me incredibly happy as someone who has talked about sex and gender and the politics and theories and philosophies and religious implications and cultural implications and the abuse, disregard and liberation of the aforementioned since the late 90’s.

It isn’t just about our own pussies, though.

It is about protecting the pussies of other women around the world that might not be born into a society where valuing pussies means a whole heck of a lot. It is about solidarity and understanding that a lot of pussies out there experience a LOT of pain. And what we can do to alleviate the suffering.

Step 1: Educate yourself.

Watch the video below and then visit Eve’s site www.eveensler.org. Find out ways to get involved and embrace loving the pussy. Her work has been around for over 2 decades and is still as relevant today as it has ever been. Maybe even more so since the executive orders signed late last month that leave pussies around the world defenseless. AKA: Planned Parenthood, FYI. (You can go and support them if this infuriates the hell out of you as it does us HERE.)


Valentine’s Day is for the birds, y’all.

In this political era, today should be known as V-Day. Of the Vagina. By the Vagina. FOR the Vagina.

Resist. Resist with love in your heart and with intention behind your vision, but RESIST.

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