Venus Retrograde AND a Full Blue Moon… fasten your seatbelts, folks.

You may have noticed the plethora of articles out there about the chaos that is this month. Second full moon of July on the cusp of Venus Retrograde swinging into full force (this happened on the 25th of July.)

The atmosphere is ripe with potential, transition, karmic lessons of past actions, discoveries in our heart of hearts, discomfort in discovery, values compromised, enchantment, mystical prsence- if you have been feeling like things are a little topsy turvy lately, well, the planets can testify.

A couple of articles to tickle your fancy at good ole’ Elephant Journal (try to disregard the irrelevant and somewhat unnerving ads- these 2 articles are great.)

Unprecedented Blue Moon in Aquarius: Now or Never

Venus Retrograde 2015: Relationship Karma goes full Frontal

Enjoy, and know that by the 6th of September, Venus will redirect. Hang in there, caterpillar.


Blue Moon by Stanley Zimney