What to Pack For a Yoga Retreat

Mihail Ribkin

This article was originally published on Stelari.com.

You’ve done your research. You picked a yoga retreat based on location, yoga and instructor style and your budget. You’ve done your yoga. Perhaps you’ve increased the amount of yoga classes you’re taking or maybe you are reading spiritual or yoga-based text that is educating and inspiring you for what is to come.

Now it’s time to pack for your yoga retreat. Whether this is your first experience or you are a retreat regular, preparation is key. Ease any trip jitters by arriving for your yoga retreat with a few essentials.

What to bring on a yoga retreat

Yoga clothes

Yoga tanks and pants are lightweight and fold small. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics that dry fast – especially if you’re headed to a warm/tropical climate where you might sweat more than usual.

Journal / Notebook

This is must for the mind and soul. You will, no doubt, leave your retreat with inspirational nuggets you will want to remember for life. Whether you like to write or not, putting your experience into written words is a wonderful and timeless way to recount your experience. It can be a stream of conscious thoughts, diary entries, or long narratives. Tell your story.

Water bottle

Save money and the environment by bringing your own water bottle. Most airports now have water stations where you can fill up on water. Also, most resorts that host yoga retreats have filtered water that is safe to drink. Don’t be afraid to ask your host just to make sure.


Travel, exercise and… (ahem) too much fun, can contribute to a higher risk of dehydration while your away. Sip on coconut water or pack a small bag of Himalayan sea salt and put a pinch in your water each day.

Sun protection

Sunburns are painful enough, and even more so when you’re trying to stretch and twist into yoga poses. Be proactive and protect your skin – wear sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, and cover up. Some yoga retreats will have yoga on the beach or outside, so be prepared to embrace the sun while staying safe.

Casual clothes

When yoga class is done it’s time to chat, share and be with your fellow retreaters. Pack lightweight (and wrinkle resistant) clothes so you are not only comfortable but you can let your damp yoga clothes air out while your dining out.

Optional and Useful – Pack a Towel

A yoga mat towel will double as a blanket for the cold airplane flights and also be your slip free solution during sweaty yoga sessions.

Don’t forget to pack:

  • Passport
  • Airplane tickets/boarding pass
  • Travel itinerary and contact phone numbers/email addresses
  • Socks, underwear, sleepwear, swimsuit, hat
  • Toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush, comb, feminine hygiene supplies, aspirin, sunscreen, yoga mat cleaner
  • Medications, prescriptions, eyeglasses, contact lenses supplies
  • Camera, phone and chargers

What you can leave behind:

  • Expensive clothes/jewelry – don’t need ‘em, don’t take ‘em
  • Hair tools (i.e. blow dryer, flat iron) – embrace your hair’s natural style. Tip: If your hair is dry or frizzy try smoothing a bit of coconut oil through for hydration
  • Laptop – this is your time to disconnect and reconnect; take advantage of it
  • Inhibitions and self-doubt

Feature image by Mihail Ribkin.

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