Worlds Apart: #OpenYourWorld

Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld
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Worlds Apart: #OpenYourWorld

“Worlds Apart” is part of the “OpenYour World” Campaign from Heinekin Beer. This campaign touches us… in that deep dive sort of way. Straight to the heartstrings. It is easy to feel “Worlds Apart” lately with political situations across the globe as well as in our own backyards. As our societies become increasingly divided in dichotomies of ideals and agendas we begin to feel further separated from those on the other side of the spectrum.

The divide feels vast and unbridgeable. 

The Heinekin campaign brings to the table issues of feminism, climate change, age and gender. We love this campaign because it focuses on the common ground. Because there is common ground. It focuses on the essential decency that we all share, and the fact that even through we may disagree on “issues” we can continue to have compassion.

We love this campaign because it takes our yoga practice off the mat.

Yoga literally means yoke, or to connect. This is exactly what the campaign represents. Connecting people, albeit with a beer. The point is that we can put our differences aside, or better yet, bring them to the table and work through them. Discuss, share, and explain why we feel strongly about particular ideas. Coming to the discussion with compassion rather than a knee jerk reaction. This is the work we do in our yoga practice. Cultivating compassion for ourselves and those in our community as individuals… as Humans. Compassion for humankind as a whole.

This is not the first campaign to bring political stigmas front and center.

This campaign in particular is reminiscant to the Danish media channel ad focusing on “All that we Share”

Brands across the spectrum, from beer and soda companies, to airlines are diving into the difficult issues. Take this touching add from Royal Jordanian Airlines Are you afraid of flying? #FearOfFlying, lifting racial stereotype:

We are living in an important yet fragile moment in time, a moment when the world can become more divided, or can yoke together. It is our hope that we take our yoga practice into our lives and communities and take on these challenges in the spirit of compassion.

Our world depends on it.

Thanks, Heineken!


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