Yogapop FEATURE TEACHER: Kathryn Budig

K. Budig -Photo by Andrew Cebulka - 1Kathryn Budig is an internationally known yoga teacher, author, and founder of Aim True Yoga. She also happens to be the special feature teacher at the next Yogapop event, happening THIS WEEK, March 26, at The Visitor Centre Bus Shed in Charleston, SC! There is still time to purchase your tickets at the advance rate of $25, which is a total bargain, as that gets you access not only to Kathryn’s class, but also to the food, fashion, and festivities that Yogapop is famous for. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Kathryn for a quick chat.

GatherYoga: Tell us about your craft, Kathryn. What do you do? How do you do it, and WHY do you do it?

Kathryn Budig: Teaching yoga is simply a vehicle to make people understand their bodies, wield the powerful tool of their mind, laugh hard, enjoy life, and feel empowered. I love evoking all of this out of people.

GY: What initially brought you onto the mat? Talk about the evolution of your yoga practice over the years. What does it look like these days?

KB: A college friend initially pulled me in and I was hooked from there. I moved to LA after college and trained with Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, to whom I am eternally grateful. She saw something special in me and pushed me to teach. My practice used to be mainly ashtanga, then evolved into a bit of this and that. Now I practice mainly at home and try to pop into senior teacher classes when I’m working at conferences.

K. Budig -Photo by Andrew Cebulka - 5GY: What can people expect from you at Yogapop?

KB: An inspiring and playful experience! No pressure, just acceptance of exactly where you are and leaving your mat feeling fantastic, strong, and open.

GY: What’s your guilty pleasure?

KB: Honestly, I don’t waste my time feeling guilt. I don’t feel like there’s any time for that.

GY: What’s your immediate release?

KB: Martial arts.

GY: Favorite musician and/or song?

KB: Coldplay. Basically every song.

GY: Favorite last read or watch?

KB: The Night Circus. Such a magical piece of work.

GY: Any final thoughts on Yogapop and what Hilary and Becca have created?

KB: I’m so happy to be supporting the local community! I hope we can continue to expand the yoga offering here in Charleston.

Meet Kathryn at YOGAPOP, March 26,
The Bus Shed, downtown Charleston, South Carolina.


Photos by Andrew Cebulka, via Kathryn Budig.