Yogapop: PLAY… The Lowdown for Tomorrow!

We sat down with the co-creators of Yogapop, Hilary Johnson and Rebecca Roberts Finley to get the inside scoop on what will be going down TOMORROW at The Grove at Patriot’s Point in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Yogapop is Charleston’s First Full Day-Get Your Groove On- Yoga Festival with classes for kids AND adults alike as well as games, music, dancing and celebrating the arrival of Fall! Make sure to stop by our tent for some FREE goodies, as well as a chance to win some of that beautiful Gather gear!


GY: Hey Becca and Hilary! Yogapop: PLAY is on the horizon and we can’t wait to come and well, do just that with you. Tell us the story about coming up with this theme, and what you Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 13.49.41hope people get from the event this weekend? Essentially, why should they come?

HJ: This celebration is all about PLAY in a big sense, bringing together adults & kids with unique classes & activities for all involved. We encourage you to let your inner child out for a playdate! This will be our most lighthearted, whimsical, and uplifting event yet, with special classes for kids and families to get in on the action.

GY: You two are the event queens in this town. Tell us how organizing yoga events differ from what you do the rest of the year? Anything more or less complicated with this kind of happening?

HJ: Sure every event has it’s nuances, but ultimately they all require the same process of creating a vision, building a plan, and ultimately seeing it all come to life. One major difference I’ve found is that our YOGAPOP attendees are very conscious. For example, we rarely find ourselves picking up trash at the end of the night (which is super common occurence at my other events).  YOGAPOP also has this incredible sense of bonding & community which lights up my heart.

GY: I am always amazed at how cool, calm and collected you BOTH are surrounding Yogapop. How do you keep grounded in the craziness of event organizing both in preparation and on the day of? Any little tricks of the trade or secrets of calm that we need to know about?

HJ: Gosh knows! Sometimes I’m having a mini-meltdown on the inside, but have learned that “this too shall pass”. I think it just takes time to learn and understand that you can plan about 90% of it and know it will go according to plan, and then you allow the other 10% to just go wild and know you’re capable of dealing with it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 14.39.41GY: This Yogapop is a bit different than the last ones you have done, can you speak to that? Both duration AND locale have changed and we want to hear about it!

HJWith YOGAPOP 5: PLAY you can expect a completely different festival than the prior events! We’ve moved it outdoors (to gorgeous Patriot’s Point), to a weekend (our first Saturday), to the daytime (9am-3pm), with multiple classes, workshops, and musicians, plus the addition of kid-focused activities. This edition will feel way more “festival” than prior editions.


GY: My personal favorite part of every event is the music. Becca, will you talk about who is coming and why did you chose them?

BF: We are super stoked for a full 5 hours of tunes with Regina Ferguson & John Shields, a cool acoustic pop, that flows from mellow, to merry. We thought they would be a great way to ease people into the start of the event, and then they will accompany Lindsay‘s morning adult class, and really add some pep to her already light and happy class. Thomas Champagne will be bouncing all around the event, solo & with his band Champagne with Friends. He will accompany both Stacy‘s morning family class, and Norma‘s afternoon kids class, with catchy, danceable tunes, and some classic favorites like Row Your Boat. I am pretty sure there will be a sing-a-long to boot. And then, during the lunch break, his entire band will be busting at the seams with reggae, funk, and fully expecting you to get your arse a shakin’. McKenzie Eddy + The Fire will join Ashley for the afternoon adult’s class. Be prepared to be wowed with her sultry indie rock grooviness. After the class, she and The Fire bring it home for the cocktail hour. Anticipate a rockin’ good time.

GY: Also significant to us at your events is what we get to eat! What can we expect in terms of Nosh? Gluten and Dairy friendly? Hydration station? What is the word on that?

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 15.24.03HJ: All that yoga will definitely work up an appetite! Coastal Crust will be on-site selling their outstanding wood fired pizzas. Verde, a yogi favorite, will have farm fresh salads. So there’s a little something for everyone, where you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or a meat-lover. Water refills are free at the Moving Water stations (bring your own water bottle) and Blue Barn Juice will have their incredible local cold pressed juices for sale. And King of Pops will have popsicles for a super refreshing cool down!

GY: Any suggestions of what people should bring with them to this event?

H: A yoga mat, a water bottle, and a “get ready to play” attitude!

Thanks to Hilary and Becca for the insight, and look forward to meeting you at Brittlebank for Yogapop!

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